Welcome to the EulerTop project home page.

Aim of this project is to develop KDE screen savers which show some nice but physically realistic scenarios. The project's name arose from the first simulation which was a top described by the Euler equations discovered by Leonhard Euler. Until now the project contains two 3D screen savers:


KPendulum shows the chaotic motion of a two-part pendulum. Though this dynamic system is pretty easy because there are only 2 degrees of freedom its equations of motion (the Lagrange equations) are analytically not solvable and it shows that chaotic motion may occur also in such simple systems. Besides that, it is nice to look at it.


KRotation simulates a non-symmetric and force free rotating body by solving the Euler equations describing such a system. The spinning movement is visualised with traces drawn by the spinning axes helping to get a grasp of some interesting effects known from classical mechanics.

Have a look at some screenshots of KRotation and KPendulum.


Find the source code and documentation on the sourceforge project page.

If you have ideas, comment, questions, or would like to contribute do not hesitate to contact me.


Last modified: 2004-04-18

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